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Infinite Possibilities

The Infinite Possibilities seminar is based on Mike Dooley’s New York Times bestseller Infinite Possibilities:The Art of Living Your Dreams and his “Notes from the Universe” email series. The number one thing that slows people down when it comes to living life deliberately is misunderstanding the truth about life. If you believe that life is hard and that people are mean, how excited can you be to get out of bed and face the world each day? But when you realize that you are unimaginably powerful, life is magical and the Universe itself expects you to not just survive but to thrive, how much more optimistic would you feel? That’s what Infinite Possibilities is all about. It’s a guide to understanding your own power, your life and the amazing and supportive Universe behind it all!

During this seminar, we will discuss how thoughts become things, how our beliefs effect those thoughts, how we can change them to reflect our desires and how we can take action to effect the changes we most dream of. This is a six hour interactive seminar designed to remind you how really powerful you are, how far you can reach and how much you so richly deserve.

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